An upscale resort life created
by history and nature.

Our consistent service as a classical hotel and the beautiful garden throughout the four seasons are among our greatest charms. Our in-house hotspring can be enjoyed at the big public bath "Tsutsuji no yu" and our healing spa "Montagne" is there for your upscale resort life.

Big Public Bath Tsutsuji no Yu

Big Public Bath Tsutsuji no Yu

In Hakone, there has been an old theory that says "there is no hotspring water where you can see Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi."
At Hotel de Yama, we have turned this theory on its head by having our in-house hotspring "Tsutsuji no yu" from Lake Ashi hotspring. Our hotspring is called "Tsutsuji no yu" and it comes from the tsutsuji (rhododendron) flowers in our garden.
The hotspring water is a simple alkaline water and is known to be great for your skin. We hope you will enjoy our natural hotspring with no additives.

Hours 15:00〜24:00/5:30〜11:00

Big Public Bath/Open-air Bath

Female Big Public Bath Female Big Public Bath
Female Open-air Bath Female Open-air Bath
Male Big Public Bath(Inside) Male Big Public Bath (Inside)
Male Big Public Bath Male Big Public Bath
Male Changing Room(Cold water Corner) Male Changing Room (Cold water Corner)

Open-air bath

Public bath washing place

A bright and open bath, with a healing space
as if you were bathing in the forest.

With a modern big public bath that creates a refleshing feeling, we have glass panels reaching from the ground to the ceiling. The big public bath and open-air bath are separated by glass, so a feeling of spaciousness can be enjoyed. We hope you will enjoy it while looking out to the cypress grove.

How to use the hotspring

  • STEP01

    Before entering the tub, please clean yourself off in the washing area.

  • STEP02

    Pour some of the bath water on yourself to allow your body to become accustomed to the temperature.

  • STEP03

    Slowly enter the bathtub.
    Do a "half-body bathing" style where you only enter up to the top of your abdomen. Do not put your towel into the bath water.

  • STEP04

    You can fully immerse your body as a "whole-body bathing" and move your limbs to stimulate circulation.

  • STEP05

    When you feel like you are beginning to sweat, exit the bathtub. To maintain the effects of the hotspring, you do not need to wash yourself off.

Using the hotsprings

When using the hotsprings,
we would like you to keep
the following points in mind.

  • Please refrain from taking photos or videos.
  • Individuals with tattoos will be refused entry.
  • Please use etiquette and observe cleanliness when using the facilities and show courtesy to other guests.
  • Do not place towels in the bath and please wash yourself thoroughly before entering the bath.
  • Please refrain from entering the bath when under the influence of alcohol.
  • Please refrain from entering the baths if you have any communicable disease.
  • For those who suffer from the following, we suggest that you refrain from using the baths as it may cause complications.
    Heart disease, lung disease, difficulty in inhaling, injuries or cuts, low blood pressure, pregnancy.
  • Spa Montagne

    spa Montagne image
    spa Montagne image
    spa Montagne image
    spa Montagne image
    Enjoy a relaxing time while overlooking the grand natural scene of Lake Ashi.

    In 2006, this spa started at the same time as the excavation for hotsprings began with our desire to become an authentic resort hotel that you can enjoy from the bottom of your heart. In 2010, with the grand view of Lake Ashi as the backdrop, we strived to bring you an upscale emotional experience, so we moved it to the middle area of the top floor so that as many guests can enjoy it as much as possible.

    Hours 14:00-21:00 (Last entry)

    Reservations and inquiries


    Spa online reservation

    *Please pay in advance if you are not staying at the hotel.



    • Balancing Relaxed Body 60min (90min) 19,800yen-
    • Moisturizing Facial 60min (90min) 20,900yen-
    • Relaxing Head & Shoulders 60min (90min) 19,250yen-
    • Refreshing Head & Foot 60min (90min) 19,250yen-

    Menu Details (PDF)

  • Garden

    Our grand garden of Hotel de Yama boasts a vast area of 130,000m². In May, the rhododendrons that were planted during Baron Koyata Iwasaki's era will all bloom.

    Taking advantage of the hill's characteristic qualities, the seasonal flowers and trees blend in with Mt. Fuji and the deep blue color of Lake Ashi. We hope you will enjoy the hotel's garden that displays a variety of color no matter the season.

    Press release Details (PDF)

    "Azalea and Rhododendron Fair 2024"
    Period Late April - Middle of May
    *Period may change depending on the state of the blossoms.
    Open 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (last entry)
    Admission 1,000 yen (only during the period when the azaleas are blooming)
    *Elementary school-aged and younger children are free.

    *Free shuttle buses run from Moto-Hakone Port to the hotel.
    *Dogs are allowed. (Must be kept within the pet cart.) Eating with your dog is allowed on the Lounge Terrace in the main building and on the second floor of the Salon de thé Rosage in the annex building.

    Fair MAP (PDF)

    Kinds of flowers

    • Azalea
      (84 varieties, 3,000 count)

      Season: Early to mid May
      Rhododendron kurume azalea hybrid,
      Rhododendron obtusum,
      Rhododendron macrosepalum
      f. leucanthum etc.

    • Rhododendron subg. Hymenanthes
      (42 varieties, 300 count)

      Season: Mid to late May
      Gomer Waterer, Michael Waterer,
      Arboream, etc.

    • Roses (25 varieties, 230 count)

      Season: Mid-June to early-July, Mid-September to early October
      White Christmas,
      Double Delight, Rosa Iceberg, etc.

  • Banquet Hall/Conference Room

    Banquet Hall/Conference Room

    A shared space of sympathy for a new age.

    We have halls available for seminars, meetings, and banquets. Group accommodations and lunch menus are also available.

    • Ashibe
    • Kintoki
    • Otome
    • Ashibe

      The terrace deck overseas Lake Ashi from our largest banquet room, "Ashibe."

    • Kintoki

      The spacious hall has a screen that can be used for seminars as well.

    • Otome

      "Otome" is a Japanese style meeting hall on a lower level, located in the quietest section of the hotel.

  • Observatory


    Make memories at Hakone with this grand panoramic view. Look out at the 180 degree view of Lake Ashi with the three historical cedar trees and the sacred Mt. Fuji. This section with the best view is available only to hotel guests.